Shameless Episode 4x12 HQ Stills Additions

Shameless Episode 4×12 HQ Stills Additions

I have added 2 more HQ stills of Jeremy in Shameless 4.12 thanks to my friend Ann at

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posted 5 months ago

Shameless 4.10: ‘Liver, I Hardly Know Her’ - Lip Gallagher

I have added 231 captures of Jeremy in <em>Shameless</em> episode 4x10 [x]

I have added HQ stills of Jeremy in Shameless 4.12 [x]



"But I don’t know him, Officer. He asked if I wanted to buy any crack and when I said no!"

Shameless Episode 4x09 Captures

Shameless Episode 4×09 Captures

I have added 214 captures of Jeremy in Shameless episode 4×09.

Gallery Link:
Shameless > Season 4 > Captures > Episode 4×09 – The Legend of Bonnie and Carl

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posted 6 months ago